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As experts in arranging funerals, we thought it would be helpful to give you some advice on the steps you need to take when a loved one passes away.

This is an overview, and we have included links to further information. Please feel free to call or e-mail us if you have any questions.

When a death occurs at home

If the death is unexpected, the first thing to do is call your GP. If the coroner needs to carry out an examination, your loved one will be collected and taken to the nearest hospital.

When a death occurs in a hospital

When a person died in hospital, the procedure is very similar, however you will ask the hospital for the Medical Certificate of Death, instead of the person’s doctor.

How to register a death

You should register a death within five days, and it will normally take about half an hour.

Informing government organisations

You’ll need to tell various government organisations about the death, and there is a service called ‘Tell Us Once’ to make it a little easier.

Help with costs

There may be money available from the estate of the person who has died, such as money from bank or building society accounts, or insurance policies and pension schemes.

Dealing with the estate

When a person dies leaving property or other possessions, someone will need to administer their estate. This will include legal, tax and administration tasks, and you may be able to carry them out yourself, or you may prefer to appoint a legal professional.



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